The Third Wave - A Volunteer Story by Alison Thompson

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The Mission

In a world of growing natural and man-made disasters, EVERYONE IS NEEDED.

September 11th, Katrina, Pakistan, Tsunami, Darfur, - soon, we will have a tragedy for every date in the calendar. And with every new disaster that comes upon us, the old one fades away far before the recovery does.

As political animals, we have the intelligence and power to do so much. We can fly to the moon and unravel relativity theories and DNA codes, but the things we need to do now are a lot simpler than that. There are so many problems throughout the world including those directly in front of us.

My hope through the, THE THIRD WAVE, is to encourage and inspire people to give a little back to the world. To volunteer even for just an hour, whether it is helping inner city kids or the elderly lady living next door or even with an environmental issue. As people, we have the power to impact and influence positive change.

Governments and humanitarian organizations around the globe are experiencing enormous difficulties in providing humanitarian assistance to large affected areas. Too often by the time a recovery plan is in place, a bigger disaster drives the international attention and the media into the next crisis leaving many affected people behind with a cause considered no longer fashionable.

THE THIRD WAVE is a documentation of my experience volunteering around the world. The book underlines the difficulties and joys of volunteering and its message could be set in any disaster or situation. The main theme being VOLUNTEERISM. I do not intend to point fingers at anyone, but instead share my experience and hope to motivate people to search further for their own active role as a volunteer.

THE THIRD WAVE provides a genuine inside glimpse into what is really happening on the ground after a disaster which clashes with what is being presented on the news reports around the world. I make many mistakes along the way, but the important thing is that although I may not have a lot of big skills all the little ones add up to make a difference.

The process of helping people is often a complicated task but at the same time, anybody can do it and no experience is required. Through common sense and the wish to help others I hope to encourage people to reach inside to pull out 'the best in themselves.'

There is a hero in everyone.

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